Thursday, March 24, 2011

We have (re)ignition...

After a brief haitus, I am returned. A writing funk was upon me, though I'm not sure it has gone yet.... we'll see.

Who knew finding interesting and witty things to document on a regular basis would be so difficult? Not me - interesting and funny things happen on a disturbingly regular basis throughout my day - moreso than most people I know. If I was a fictional character, I'd like to think my persona would be called "The Catalyst". You know the type; the crux of major events, the focal point of fate, the bringer of change through small actions...

In reality we are all exactly that, though it's rarely as glamorous as Tolkien or Rowling describe.

Samwise makes an insensitive comment about Frodo's hair.
Middle Earth is doomed.
Do you believe me - that you are as important and influential as Samwise and Herm-eye-ninnie? Maybe not to the "Saviour of Worlds" level, but thinking that you have no effect on the world around you is ignorant and (oddly enough) rather self absorbed...

Think about it - giving free rein to your actions, believing that nobody cares or notices, shows a complete lack of respect and love for anyone within swinging distance. It is only when we curb our own foul moods, chuck a smile on our face and say a cheery hello to those we meet, that we acknowledge the power we can wield.

Yeah yeah, I know you already know this. I also know how easy it is to simply auto-pilot our way through the day! We get into a routine, dance through the day with practiced steps and scripted conversations. While we are not being nasty to anyone, we are certainly operating in a large 'grey area' of non-effect. But is being invisible to everyone acceptable?

Nope. If left alone, the world continually drifts downwards into depravity. We rely on each other to put some lift into our wings - a passing (genuine) smile, an unneccesary 'Thank you', or maybe just shouting someone a coffee.

BEHOLD! My coffee mug of +∞ Awesome!
For that is exactly what happened to me this morning. I took a detour from my usual routine, and a good friend sat down and shouted me a coffee. I knew he was in a rush, and that I didn't really have any value to add to his day, but we sat and we talked. I observed the way he was consistently cheerful with everyone around him, despite the fact I know he has more stress and complications to deal with than any of them.

It made me look back over the last couple of weeks, and realise that I was auto-piloting through everything - worse than that, sometimes I was downright grumpy. And despite all of the things troubling me, there is no excuse for radiating my stress onto others. In fact, it's my duty as a husband, a father, a brother, an uncle, and as a Christian to always put forth the best version of myself possible.

So cheer up, losers. We can be the catalyst for a glimmer of joy in someones otherwise bland day. Let's call it the Butterfly Effect (1)....

(1) My god that was a terrible movie. I laughed like a drain when Peter Griffin from Family Guy herds his family into their Panic Room...

[Lois]   "What is this Peter?"

[Peter] "Oh, it's a Panic Room. I got the idea while I was watching that movie..... the Butterfly Effect, and I kept thinking "Man, this movie is terrible! I wish there was somewhere I could escape to - somewhere this movie couldn't find me..."


  1. LOL! Welcome back.
    PS. I think "thank yous" are always neccesary. :)

  2. ... a husband, a father, a brother, an uncle, and as a Christian .. AND a son - don't forget your parent... as in me and Dad, that is, just to clarify! We deserve the smiles and thanks more than anyone for being so self-sacrificing, encouraging and just plain not drowning you as we were entitled to with such a twerp :))

  3. You are my in-laws. I'm not allowed to be nice to you.

    It's against the rules.

  4. I'm glad you're back fellow blogger. And you've inspired me too - as honest words always breath life into auto-pilot-ish days... I never have those kind of days anymore though, which is great! My days are full and meaningful, and I feel them all, and fly in them freely - but it's taken a long time to get to that place... All the more reason to be inspired, like you, to keep on blogging. Bless you xx

  5. *breathe* {oops, bad at proof reading}!