Saturday, April 16, 2011

My wife, my friend, my life.

Yesterday was my wife's birthday.

Birthdays hold a special significance for me, mainly because I never had any - the first 17 years of my life being a Jehovah's Witness blur. In a strange way, I am grateful for having not celebrated Christmas, Birthdays and Easter as a kid; while I missed out on the magic and boundless excitement, I can treasure these special days with a fervor usually reserved for kids.

Sarah and I spent the morning having breakfast at our local cafe, then went home for morning tea. I ended up fitting a gigantic fridge in my sister's tiny kitchen, then we went shopping for some things to make life a bit easier - namely a new laptop (which this blog is brought to you by!) and a new DVD player.

The highlight of the day, however, was taking Sarah out to dinner to a 'grown-up' restaurant. I talked in my last blog about going on 'auto-pilot', and not realizing what you are missing out on - well, I had that same epiphany last night. Not that Scarlett (our daughter) has ever made us 'miss out' on anything; she is the completion of our life through this time! What I remembered is how much I enjoy spending time as a couple, without the billion thought processes needed to look after a baby - not to mention that you cannot do fine dining with very young children!

So we went out to The Chairman & Yip, and tried the Tasting Menu. To say the food was delicious would be like saying Captain Kirk is a little bit awesome...

Yes, you heard me - this food was on par with the awesomeness of Kirk, the guy who beat the Kobaysahi Maru scenario and made a bazooka out of bamboo and diamonds.

So we sat, we talked, we drank expensive champagne, ate outstanding food, and stopped having to be parents for a while. I am always amazed at how stunningly beautiful Sarah is - my heart never fails to skip a beat when I see her, and I get to bask in the reflected glory that is being with a beautiful person.

All this to say I love my wife with all my heart, and I hope she enjoyed her birthday as much as I did spending it with her.

As for today, this is the day I proposed 3 years ago, and I love being married.


  1. Thank you for sharing this post - I loved it!

    ...and tell your sister from me I think that was very nice of you to make time to fit a fridge on such a special day!

  2. You've stopped blogging again?
    I hope you find some inspiration to continue.

  3. How & why did you leave Jehova's Witnesses?