Wednesday, August 29, 2012

If a tree falls in the forest...

I remember this place.

I used to take time, writing my story and the way I interpret the world; all in the vain hope that it would make a difference - that people would listen, agree, and change their outlook.

But life has changed - my situation, my perspective, my desire to make change.

What previously felt like virtue, like fervor, now tastes like arrogance and naivety.

Or maybe all the big words and clever phrasing were just an attempt at entertainment. And I don't want to entertain anyone, anymore.

What do I want? Escape. Relief. Forgiveness.

We all do what we think is right, based on our perspective and situation. And in the battle to protect those we love, to provide them the best life possible, we may cross lines we never imagined. We may act in ways that are only an option because to do nothing would result in pain for someone we care about.

I wish there was a clear path to walk, one we could hold our heads high and feel proud for taking. But in reality, there is only those we love, and what we would become to keep them safe - to make them happy.

And I hope I'm forgiven for doing that.

"The law is inside out; the world is upside down."

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